Professionalism, Innovation and efficiency are the qualities that best introduce an ambitious project called Amedia. Our team, with extensive experience in the arts and film combines a unique and remarkable inventiveness , aims to provide an effective and efficient service by managing and simplifying the relationship between artists and experts in the preparation and creation of a project.

 Amedia is a holding company that encompasses all the kaleidoscopic world of entertainment and fashion, sends out its commitment in various sectors and providing a valuable service management achievements in organizing events and cinema theater.

The quality of all services provided by Amedia  is guaranteed by a functional and dynamic organization, continuous attention to novelty of the sector, complete availability, seriousness to the clients, artists (amateur and professional) and productis . all managed by a staff young professional and highly qualified .

 Amedia Group also ,channels through the use of internet  and e-mail  allows you to reduce costs and time for the recruitment of artists, ensuring a wide choice thanks to an innovative and functional interactive database can provide in real time Detailed answers to the demands and needs of the customer.

To address the growing need for new artistic figures, Amedia School provides training for new talent and their expertise, thanks to experienced teachers who care to get each student in the field of greater efficiency in accordance with his natural gifts(talent).

Amedia is also creativity and initiative,for this Amedia Fashion professionals, with the consultation and collaboration with more experienced managers style has been working on creating its own brand, “”,born from the union of the Italian experience(which designs and creates products in the city of Florence)  and the quality of handicraft factories in Sofia..