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Amedia School is one of the most accredited schools of education of aspiring models and models, through a comprehensive  training  program, he aims to the growth and enhancement of student and so aimed at his actual insertion using important professionals. In the field of the show starting with the right training is a good thing, which can lead to great benefits in a shorter time. Talent must be supported and trained to find to us the right way forward.


Amedia Fashion is promoter of greats events in fashion system ,publicity, and show. We include among its duties: organization Organization and presentation  of fashion show, supply models, directing and coordinating outputs, delivery stage and catwalk, lighting system and sound. Provide hostesses and stewards, Trade fair promoters,conventions, Opening local,ecc. General organization of photo service with models,photographers, makeup artists, hairdressers and  laying up.


Often we get to focus the son’ s activity in the scholastic field and so in the sportive field, don’t looking upon many opportunity and quality of show business , cause perplexity and wariness or protective attitude, wich can reveal themselves bitter functional for his developement and creativity, for example relational and emotional approach. Many researcher believe that the people’s talent aims to be free at an early age, cause a natural talent,personal features and especially the environment where they live and energetic and emotional investment that in this try to do.


hanks to our experience, the result of years of work in the field of film and entertainment, Casting service is able to offer numerous services and locations to the productions  and beyond,, who want to take advantage of our expertise: identification of the locations that best suit your needs, contracts and permits, services for the organization of film sets and photo shoots, equipment, personal research and casting, logistics and transport.